Best Registry Checker 2011

A good registry checker is a vital part of the proper maintenance of a computer.

Why a registry checker? because like a house, a car, and any other things that need some maintenance, a computer need a regular scan to stay clean and run fast. If you don't get your registry checked, it's 100% guaranteed that you will end up with a slow computer.

The registry checker did amazing but what else?

Getting you computer scan with a good registry checker is the first BIG step into making your computer back to normal. Obviously, having a good antivirus and anti spyware will help a lot.

Antivirus, where can I find what works?

As for my quest in finding the best registry checker on the internet, I spent considerable time trying to find the best antivirus. After over 15 years of internet usage, I finally found Virus Total. To put it in a very simple way, why would you want to have one antivirus when you could get your file checked by 41 of them? The only little disagreement is unlike a registry checker that can scan your whole computer, this amazing service can only scan files that are under 20mb. But, I can guarantee you that you will never get any virus ever again from any possible files that weight less than this. Ever

What is the best Anti-spyware?

As much as it is vital to get your computer scanned by the best registry checker and antivirus out there, you need a good spyware checker. Take a second and go get Spybot right now. Free, efficient and very simple to use, I've never found a best spywares checker in my entire life.

See the result?

I'm honest when I say that I've spent just insane time searching for the best registry checker, antivirus and spyware checker that can be found on the internet to this day. Test it, The result speak for themselves.

All the best